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Management consulting service

In the critical areas of the organization and the treatment of information, many firms have known important upheavals. In the past, the necessary information to take decision was not always available, and you got it, most often it was outdated.

Nowadays, the firms have to have a quick access to all sorts of information, and the only information they need in a crucial moment.

Our advisors help to define and establish the system of compatible information with the needs of our clients. They advise in different areas: diagnostic and/ or conception of the partial and general organization, development of the information system, timing start of the management of control, of cost accounting, of the accounting systems and procedures, writing a specification and evaluation of the needs in the computing.

These services make a feasibility study of the system by revising the existing systems; by selecting and setting the systems to their further improvement.

In the specific field of the information treatment, our advisors in computing intervene by advising our clients to choose the configuration of their hardware, the definition of specifications, the selection of the software and/ or specific solutions, the training of their staff.